Interior Design Through Custom Prints

Hello there! My name is Darby McNally, my parents own and operate Big Bear Sign Co. Growing up with the help of my crafty parents, I was spoiled in the sense that I have always been able to print usually whatever and whenever. I always had the coolest school projects. This was due to well designed decals and layouts on corrugated plastic, while other kids cut and pasted paper images to a flimsy poster board from Michael’s. I always gave pretty awesome presents to my friends when their birthdays rolled around, custom stickers or heartfelt images on an artist canvas. But above everything, I had a home full of custom designed signage hanging up all over our walls, reminding me of memories and times spent with family and friends. You can do this too. In this article, I hope to provide you with some insight on how to customize your home or office through the use of prints.

There are a number of different routes an individual can take when producing custom signage and prints. In regards to printing, the world is your oyster, and that’s what my family loves about it! Printing provides the ability to bring to life any creative idea and personalize any space. Big Bear Sign Co. has the ability to print your favorite pictures and quotes allowing for your personality to shine through in any room. This is an interior designers dream!

Now although I am in no way an interior designer, I have now enjoyed adding my personal stamp throughout my own house. Luckily, with the help of my parents, it is made quick and easy. Three of my favorite interior design options is the use of artist canvas’, wall murals, and wall decals. Here’s a little more about each one:

Artist Canvas:

Through an artist canvas, we are able to print your image, and then stretch it around a wooden stretcher bar. These make awesome gifts for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, and family reunions. One way to save money on artist canvas' is by building your own wooden frame. Images of all kinds can be displayed beautifully to add to your home or office. My favorite artist canvas that I received from my mother was a photo of friends and I floating the Alberton Gorge River. I grew up rafting this river with friends and it helps remind me of the good times accompanied with these summer excursions. To learn more about artists canvas click here.



Wall murals:

With wall murals, we can go as small or as large as you’d like! They allow for  displays of family photos, sporting events, scenic photos or any unique design. If you are using it for household decorations we have an awesome wallpaper material that we are able to print on. It has a low tac adhesive, so it can be removed from walls easily without leaving any sticky residue on the walls. Wall murals have become a fan favorite of mine! Since I live in a rental house, these babies have helped me to customize my living room without nailing holes in the walls (see left photo).


Wall decals:

Wall decals are typically done out of cut vinyl. There is a large array of colors and fonts to choose from. What you choose to have cut is up to you, typically people opt in for a meaningful saying, quote, or word. It can be as simple as “Family”, “Love”, “Hope” and will add a special addition to any home wall display. For self installations of wall decals watch this how-to video. 


As you can see, there are a variety of different ways to customize interior decorating. Printing meaningful images allows you to display stories of your life to be seen and remind you of special moments daily. I sure have been spoiled with my exposure to these products throughout my life, and these prints are something I will keep forever. Through the use of artist canvas’, wall murals, and wall decals, anyone can feel a little bit more like a designer.