3 Types of Vehicle Graphics That Will Enhance your Brand Image

As a business owner, there are several different ways to spread the word about your company, products or services offered. One extremely effective approach is through the use of vehicle graphics. This exceptional marketing technique allows you to reach a wide variety of people as you drive throughout an area. Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of time you personally spend in a car? According to AAA, Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes driving each year. Why not capitalize on that time spent on the road? Your vehicle can become a billboard on wheels! As the miles add up on your vehicle, so do the number of eyeballs exposed to the advertisement. We can implement this marketing technique through three types of signage: decals, magnets, and vehicle wraps (ironically, we'll label it DMV). Here are the differences between each category:


Decals can come in several different sizes, it just depends on the message you are trying to get across. Below, we see two different takes on the use of decals. In the picture on the left, the Montana Western truck is promoting a school as a product. In this instance, it does not seem necessary to accompany this design with contact information. This is because the school of Montana Western offers a variety of different services under that name, such as education, athletics, clubs, etc. Montana Western has too big of an umbrella of services allowing them to simply promote the title and idea of Montana Western on a vehicle. 

The photo on the right, however, does an excellent job at informing us about who the company is (brand logo and name), the services they offer, and their contact information (email and phone number). Decal designs that readily provide go-to information about a business, product, or service eliminates the responsibility of customers to first remember a service and secondly research it later on. 

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IMG_3375 (1) (Mobile).jpg


Magnets are fantastic! If you are a small business owner or perhaps just not in the market to own multiple vehicles for your business, this is the option for you. Magnets are adaptable and effective advertising for companies. This option of vehicle removable magnets gives you the leniency to attach and remove your information when you deem most appropriate. Slap that magnet on while running errands around town and allow the world to see your logo. Learn how to better build and enhance your business logo in Nick Carson's, 25 logo design tips from the experts

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Vehicle Wraps:

A vehicle wrap is an exciting and vibrant way to draw attention to your brand. They allow you to explore design elements that contribute to your brand image. With vehicle wraps, there is flexibility to truly create anything and catch the attention of a frequently changing, mobile audience. Here are some examples of effective vehicle wraps.

100_4910 - Copy (Mobile).JPG
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Branding is essential for any company to grow and develop successfully. Not all vehicle graphics necessarily need to be loud and flashy. Be sure to stay true to what the brand is and remember your target audience. If you plan to add a fleet of wrapped vehicles to your company, we recommend keeping your signage design consistent. This assists in brand recognition. We also understand that vehicle graphics are just a step in creating and maintaining a brand image. In today's world, it is important to stay up to date with changing technologies that can better your branding techniques.  Seth Godin provides a deeper explanation of attracting customers and gaining brand loyalty in a powerful podcast that is definitely worth the listen.

It is important to remember that all these techniques can be implemented on a variety of different automobiles. Examples include four-wheelers, rangers, golf carts, trailers, snowmobiles, etc. For even more ways to market your business, check out this gallery of possibilities. If you have a creative idea you’d like to test out, give us a call for a free quote. The transformations are endless! Here are a few of our favorite non-traditional vehicle graphics. 

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